Khalsa Way
1. Long ago and far away, a man sat like a stone; 
on a burning seat of red hot iron, to him it was a throne
For he was Guru Arjan, king of this world and the next; 
when his time in this earthly world was through he just smiled and left
As it was in the beginning and shall be for all time 
those who live and die a fearless life, in the court of God they shine
That is the Khalsa way, I don't mind dyin and I won't go cryin
That is the Khalsa way, if things look bad we just keep on trying
That is the Khalsa way, if anyone falls, ten more will come in
his place. That is our way.
2. The Mogul king sent forth his word, no Sikh shall be left alive
We'll wipe this Khalsa from the face of the earth, on each head he put a price
So one brave Sikh stood in the road, knowing he couldn't live long
In the name of the Guru he collected a toll, it shook that king to his throne
They tried to put the light of the Khalsa out, but now it is they who are gone
And through every test of time and space Khalsa lives on
3. One by one they shot us down as we read the Siri Guru
till they had to stop they'd never seen so many who would die for the truth
And those who laid on the railroad tracks, their bodies stopped the trains
Those whose children were killed before their eyes, they saw God through their pain
And all those who stood their ground, against impossible odds
In their courageous lives and fearlessness, we see the power of God
4. Twenty million started out, only a few survived.
But we stood together in the heart of this land, against all their power and lies
They wished that we'd never been, they clubbed us in the streets
But our hearts were strong, the war was wrong, our victory was peace
They waited for us all to disappear, they waited for our spirit to die
But they'll still be waiting when the sun burns out
for the heroes and warriors, the saints and the martyrs, will never die
5. Siri Singh Sahib left his home, answered the Guru's call
In the land of Maya he planted the seed of a nation that would never fall
One by one we came to him and we read the Siri Guru
We planted our roots in the soul of this land, Ram Das Purl grew
Now the future belongs to the daughters and sons of Guru Gobind Singh
We'll stand like steel through the test of the time Then Khalsa will reign.
Music and Lyrics by  M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa