Song of the Khalsa - Livtar Singh Khalsa

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Song of the Khalsa in A

1. Many speak of courage, speaking cannot give it 

     F#m            E             D 

it’s in the face of death we must live it. 


When things are down and darkest, 

that’s when we stand tallest 

   F#m              E         D 

Until the last star falls, we won’t give 


an inch at all 


A     E      Bm      A         E 

Stand as the Khalsa  Strong as Steel 

Steady as Stone 

A        E        Bm 

Give our lives to God and Guru 

D        F#m  E           A 

mind and soul  breath and bone 

2. Guru Arjun gave his life, to stand for what was right 

He was burned and tortured, five long days and nights 

He could have stopped it anytime just by giving in 

His strength a solid wall, he never gave an inch at all 

Refrain 2: Sons of the Khalsa, remember those who died 

Stood their ground until their last breath, 

so we who live now might live free lives 

3. A princess is not royal, by her birth or blood inside 

but if her family’s home, is Anandpursahib 

She’ll walk with such a grace and strength, 

the world will bow in awe 

Until the mountains fall, she’ll never give an inch at all 

Refrain 3: Daughters of the Khalsa, 

in your strength our future lies. 

Give our children fearless minds, 

to see the world, through the Guru’s eyes 

4. Baisakhi day we were thousands, 

but only five had the courage for dyin'. 

then one brave man one flashing sword, 

turned us all to lions. 

And now we live his legacy, to die before we fall. 

And like the five who answered his call, 

we can’t turn back at all 


5. The tenth Guru gave even his sons, 

to give the Khalsa life. 

His words stand like mountains, 

against the winds of time, 

"Khalsa will rule the world 

all will be safe in it’s fold". 

But if the Khalsa falls, there won’t be a world at all. 


Repeat Verse 1: Many speak of courage ....

Repeat Refrain 2:  “Sons of the Khalsa … 

Repeat Refrain 3: “Daughters of the Khalsa… 


Mind and soul are his alone 

M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa ©1975-2019