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  1. I Bow

From the recording Mountain of Smoke

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I Bow

Where my love, have you hidden from me?
If i bow my head will you let me see?
In the silent night, I dreamed I heard
the sound of your breath, your sweet words

This journey of mine, is a long winding way
I wish to lay my head at your feet
in the cool cool shade

2. In the time between the beats of the heart
you are there and you are there, in the space, between the stars
I close my eyes so I may see
Through a thousand petals, you are known in me

3. In the soul's ocean, may I drown my fear
As I merge away, you will wash my tears
I bow, I bow, may wisdom flow through
may this pain leave me now, may I serve only you

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
Guru Dev Namo Guru Deva

Music and Lyrics by Livtar Singh Khalsa
© 2012-2018 M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa