From the recording Mountain of Smoke

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Walk upon the Marble

Chorus :Walk upon the marble
Gaze upon the gold
Forehead touch the dust
Shabd kiss the soul
In the tank of Harimandir
Life becomes a prayer
Soul becomes the lover God is everywhere

1. Temple of beauty - of Sun and Moon
The light of both will heal us clear and soon
In millions we flow through your gates - like a waterfall
I know none - I know all

2. Inside your walls time has no hold
As new as Amrit-vela old as old
In every corner are those who silently serve
Radiant are their faces blessed is their world

3. Sunlight on white marble - so bright it hurts my eyes
They will find comfort at moon-rise
Sundown come the colors - the light begins to play
Reflections on the water - Heaven looks this way

4. Oh Guru Ram Das - I am beguiled
Lost in love - a helpless child
How can I leave you - duty takes me away
Stay with me in my heart

©2018 Livtar Singh Khalsa