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Death is the Sacred Altar

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SONG OF DEATH Words: Guruka Singh Khalsa from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan
Music: M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa

Born in the fiery forge of God, out of the white white hole.
Caught in the swift swift current impossible to control.
Millions of creatures boring head long through their lives.
Saints and Sages, Yogis, Seers, all are born to die.

Death is the sacred alter, the meaning of our days.
So lay your head down carefully and utter words of praise
For faith is the only true death and destiny is the life.
Choose your death quite consciously and know that it is right.

In the sweet web of corruption many spend their days,
Sweet, soft, self-indulgence, who do you think will pay?
Sucked into that black black hole, irresistible flight
It doesn’t matter who you know, when the sun goes down it's night.

Born through many life times, four holy lambs of God.
Born to die together, dying was their job.
Every time they came back to show us how it's done
Heads laid down together at the setting of the sun.

All you careful planners listen to this song.
Plan your death and not your life, you know you won't live long.
But your memory may linger, a shining guiding star
If you fill yourself with the Holy Nam and remember who you are.